HR Onboarding Solutions is excited to become a Solution Provider for the Texas Charter School Association.  With this designation, the HROS system has been recognized as a solution that provides increased quality and efficiency to charter leaders and educators in the area of Human Resources.

HR Onboarding Solutions is excited about showcasing our web-based HR Onboarding System at the upcoming TCSA Annual Conference at the end of October in San Antonio, TX.  This is the first chance of connecting with over one thousand administrators, educators, and decision-makers for Charter Schools all across the state of Texas.

HROS has proven to save time and money for a fast-growing Charter School located in West Texas.  Implementing the HROS system has created a tremendous amount of efficiencies in the hiring process and has allowed the Director of Human Resources to be more effective in providing strategic support rather than spending hours upon hours processing paper transactions.

Check out the testimonial video and hear how the HROS system has made such a positive change in their HR department and for the hiring process for their new hires.


The HROS is a web-based HR Onboarding System that provides innovative time- and money-saving solutions for hiring employees, completing HR transactional functions, and electronically storing HR files. The system allows candidates to complete the entire new hire process without using paper forms, including electronically signing applications, offer letters, new hire paperwork, and the difficult task of completing I-9 forms when hiring remote employees.

The system can also interface with background check companies, HRIS, payroll, and benefit providers. HROS not only provides onboarding for your new employees but can facilitate HR transactions after the employees are hired.  This includes personnel actions, benefits open enrollment, and performance reviews.

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Brent Jameson, Owner
The HROS Guy