Paper, paper, paper…..When you walk into the HR Department or DOT Department of a trucking company all you see is paper, everywhere.  When you look at personal files they are PAPER.  When you look at DOT Driver Qualification Files they are PAPER and if you have lots of employees and drivers the PAPER is in lots of filing cabinets.  HR Onboarding Solutions has solved the PAPER problem by designing and implementing the first-ever HR Onboarding and DOT Driver System.

HR Onboarding Solutions offers a web-based E-Signature HR Onboarding and DOT Driver System that has proven to save time and money when hiring DOT and Non-DOT employees.   Our web-based solution allows HR and DOT departments to complete and manage the new hire process for DOT and Non-DOT employees through one system.  The system, forms, and processes can be configured for each company’s specific requirements. Our HROS and DOT systems can be standalone or be integrated together.

There is one application for all candidates and as the candidate completes the application they choose what type of position they are applying for; either DOT or Non-DOT.  Based on their selection the system will provide the appropriate fields and forms to be completed for a DOT or Non-DOT position.

E-Signature HR Onboarding System 

  • Decreases Time to Hire
  • Online Application for DOT and Non-DOT applicants
  • Tracks New Hire Progress
  • Saves Money on Printing, Shipping, and Admin Costs
  • Paperless New Hire Forms
  • Easy-to-Use Reporting
  • Electronically delivers enrollment forms to carriers, brokers, or benefit departments
  • Multiple New Hire Packages
  • Electronic Storage of HR Files
  • Enhances the New Hire Process for New Employees

E-Signature DOT Driver System 

  • Paperless DQ Forms
  • DQ File Report to audit required forms and documents
  • Sends Previous Employer Requests via email or fax
  • Qualify Drivers through the Violation Certification Form at Pre-hire and Annual Certification
  • Tracks CDL, Medcard, and Hazmat license numbers and expiration dates
  • Electronic Storage of DOT Files

The HROS and DOT Driver System increases efficiencies, allows the HR and DOT departments to be more strategic rather than transactional, and decreases the chances of compliance issues that come with trying to manage a forest of paper forms.

If you have any questions about our DOT Driver System, let us know!


Brent Jameson, Owner
The HROS Guy