Employee Benefit Insurance Brokers are always looking to grow their business or defend the larger companies from taking their business.  HR Onboarding Solutions is partnering with local insurance brokers and firms to provide HR solutions to their clients that will save them time and money when hiring employees and providing HR support to their company. It’s like the two big dogs involved with onboarding are coming together.

What once was a job that mainly encompassed quoting insurance rates on different employee benefits has turned into an HR consulting job.  Brokers now have to be the HR expert for their clients for payroll, benefits, recruiting, employment law, and compliance just to name a few.  Now with a solution that can eliminate the paperwork in hiring new employees, reduce compliance issues, and send insurance enrollment forms to insurance carriers, the Insurance Broker/HR Consultant now has a tool to keep and grow their business.

As an HR professional in over 17 years, I never had an insurance broker provide me with a solution that made a positive impact on my department and my company.  It was always “well your premiums are going up again this year” which made me want to find a new broker.  Now insurance brokers can make the HR Manager a Rock Star for their company by implementing the HR Onboarding System.

The HROS is a web-based HR Onboarding System that provides innovative time -and money-saving solutions for hiring employees, completing HR transactional functions, and electronically storing HR files. The system allows candidates to complete the entire new hire process without using paper forms, including electronically signing applications, offer letters, new hire paperwork, and the difficult task of completing I-9 forms when hiring remote employees.

If you have any questions as an insurance broker about how we can work together, let us know.


Brent Jameson, Owner
The HROS Guy