The use of technology in HR will always be a slow progression as every company’s culture is different. Some companies value HR and some don’t and it shows in the types of professionals or non-professionals that they put in charge of HR. There are so many functionalities and efficiencies that can be brought into a company with the use of technology in HR.

I believe that there needs to be more education for HR about systems and technology. We go to conferences but it is rare that we can learn all about the technologies that are available without having to visit vendor booths. HR needs to know how to evaluate systems for their company’s culture so they don’t get sold a bill of goods by the salesman and then get into the implementation realizing that the system won’t actually do what the salesman said it would do which creates a lot of the frustration when HR considers implementing new technology into their company. Many times HR will buy a system and after months of using it only utilize a small percentage of the functionality which is attributed to complex systems and HR not having the time to make their system work the way they want it to.

HR can make a huge impact on the organization not only with our passion for what we do but also with the technology that is available to make a difference.

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Brent Jameson, Owner
The HROS Guy