When selling management on the idea of implementing the HROS system here are a few reasons that will impact their decision in a positive manner.

  • It streamlines and establishes a systematic new hire process across the company
  • Eliminates paperwork and hard to read handwritten forms and increases the efficiency of the employee’s data and decreases errors which create more time and money spent by HR having to fix the errors
  • The system allows for HR to stay connected on all aspects of the hiring process, approvals for personnel changes, and disciplinary actions when the PAR and DAN forms are utilized and ensures delivery of forms to vendors or specific departments
  • It allows the HR department to be more strategic rather than transactional which provides more customer support for the employees and allows you to be an HR Business Partner rather than a paper pusher
  • As the company grows and there is a need for an additional headcount in HR, the system’s functionality provides the work of a full-time position (saving money on a salary, benefits, taxes, insurance, PTO, missed worked days, bad hair days, and retention costs, and not bad attitude from the system, etc)
  • Managers at the remote locations won’t have to stop their work to spend time with the candidate helping them fill out paperwork and sending the paperwork to corporate.  The only time spent by the manager would be on the completion of the I-9 form.  It allows the manager to focus on their job.
  • Increases the compliance in areas of I-9 forms, ensuring that employees were offered insurance and either elected or waived coverage, ensures all employees’ forms are completed correctly and are electronically stored in a secure system, captures EEO information for your EEO-1 report, and ensures employees have acknowledged and signed policies and the employee handbook which helps to protect the company in the event of a lawsuit and can track the completion of forms or processes.
  • Candidates can get to work faster which in return generates more revenue for the company
  • The Personnel Action and Disciplinary Action forms allow for electronic submission and approval by multiple levels of management for new hires, compensation/status changes, terminations, and properly documenting disciplinary action issues which helps to fight unemployment claims and lower your UI rate, and keeps HR and management involved in the personnel matters within the company.
  • Some research firms have estimated that an Onboarding system can save a company $600 to $1,100 per new hire.  Within the first two to three years we used the system it saved an estimated $200k.  The revenue generated by employees getting to work faster is not even included in the calculation.  What used to take 2.5 weeks to complete took 2 to 3 days and sometimes less.
  • Online Open Enrollment will save time and money and decrease the time employees are spent away from performing their job.
  • No more filing cabinets, no more overnight delivery charges, and no more PAPER!!!

If you have any questions, let us know.


Brent Jameson, Owner
The HROS Guy