When I attend SHRM conferences my fellow HR Professionals will come up to my booth and ask the question “what is HR Onboarding Solutions”? For many, the terminology “Onboarding” is still new but it’s becoming a more relevant and developing process that we all have been doing for years but has always been called the “hiring process”.  We all need to wake up in the HR world and accept that Onboarding is here and it’s here to stay.

For years when I worked in HR, I processed the paperwork of new hires until I wanted to make a change in our company and in my daily work life.  I researched the term “Onboarding” and discovered the light came on about using technology to onboard our new employees the excitement hasn’t stopped.

I am passionate about sharing with all my HR colleagues about the HROS HR Onboarding System and hope that the changes it made in my life can happen to them as well.  It’s time to get rid of the paper and start onboarding your employees in style with a web-based E-Signature HR Onboarding System.

Brent Jameson, Owner
The HROS Guy