Department of Transportation

DOT Hiring Made Easy

Up until a few years ago, companies with DOT drivers were not permitted to allow new hires to complete their Driver Qualification forms using an electronic signature. By implementing the recently approved use of e-signatures within the industry, companies can now digitize the forms drivers must complete prior to being on the job, thereby streamlining the process.

The DOT system was designed to join the efforts of two departments, Human Resources and the Department of Transportation, that normally work separately when hiring new DOT drivers. The DOT System can be a standalone system or operate seamlessly within the HROS system allowing candidates to complete both HR and DOT forms digitally.


The benefit of utilizing the HROS and DOT system simultaneously is that all necessary forms for applicants can be completed in one sitting. DOT managers will not need to wait for HR managers to complete their end of the application process. Some additional benefits of implementing the DOT system in the workplace include the ability to send previous employer requests via email or fax, tracking violation certification forms on both a pre-hire and annual basis, monitoring license numbers and expiration dates, and electronic storage of DOT files.

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