Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the HROS Guy?

Brent Jameson is the owner. Brent has worked in HR for almost 20 years. Brent has a passion for helping companies reduce their paperwork during the onboarding process. For more information, click here to learn about the HROS Guy.

What is the HROS system?

The HROS is a web-based HR Onboarding System that provides innovative time and money-saving solutions in hiring employees, completing HR transactional functions, and electronically storing HR files. The system allows candidates to complete the entire new hire process without using paper forms, including electronically signing applications, offer letters, new hire paperwork, and the difficult task of completing I-9s when hiring remote employees.

Is signing company, federal and state forms legal?

Yes.  The U.S. ESIGN Act, as well as the European Community Framework for Electronic Signature Directive 1999/93/EC, allows for the legally signing of most business documents, forms or applications online.

Is the system customizable and can changes be made to the system?

Yes.  The system has several standardized forms that can be changed to fit your company’s requirements.  Additional forms can also be developed and added to the New Hire Package.

Is the system intuitive?

Yes.  The system can be designed to send multiple New Hire Packages based on the type of employee being hired.  The system can also send specific forms to different departments within your company.

Can the system save my company time and money?

Yes. The amount of money saved depends on the number of employees hired each year.  It will save on printing, shipping, and admin costs.  It will also save on the time spent reviewing, verifying, and following up with candidates on unreadable documents, lost forms, or forms not properly completed.  The system also reduces the amount of time it takes to hire an employee and improves data accuracy.  Based on the number of new hires and geographical locations of hired employees, the system can save thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Can the system interface with other systems?

Yes. Contact me for specific details.

Is it easy to run reports?

Yes.  The system has reports available or special reports can be created to pull any data points from the system.

Can the system handle delivering completed forms to different departments?

Yes.  The system can create workflows to distribute completed forms to different individuals or departments.  The system can also provide CSV or Excel files to any HR, Payroll, or Benefit Provider, improving data accuracy and reducing admin time for data entry.

If hiring employees in a different location other than our HR office how are I-9 forms completed?

After the employees complete their new hire paperwork, the system will automatically send the I-9 forms to the designated hiring manager.  The hiring manager will receive the I-9 forms via email, will review the IDs, upload the IDs to the form, and then electronically sign the forms.  Once completed, the HR department will be notified via email regarding the completion of the new hire packages.

Can we store all of our HR, Payroll, and Benefit paper documents in this system?

Yes.  All documents can be scanned and uploaded to the employees’ personal folders in the system, creating a paperless HR department.

Will we need IT support for this system?

No.  The system is web-based and does not require support from your IT department.

Can the system handle special projects, such as obtaining signed acknowledgement forms for updated employee handbooks or providing Benefits Open Enrollment?

Yes.  Special projects including sending documents requiring signatures by all employees, Benefits Open Enrollment, Performance Reviews, Personnel Action Forms, and Termination Forms can be designed and implemented into the system.  Custom reports can be generated and forms will be electronically stored and filed.

If you have any additional questions that are not answered above, please contact me. Thanks!  -Brent


Legal Compliance for Electronic Signatures

The U.S. ESIGN Act, as well as the European Community Framework for Electronic Signature Directive 1999/93/EC, allows you to legally sign most any business document, form or application online. We also implemented XAdES-BES to comply with the EU technical specification ETSI TS 101 903 v1.4.1 XML Advanced Electronic Signatures.