Student Onboarding Solution (SOS)

Easy student admission

The SOS is designed to allow parents to apply online for admission to public, private, and charter schools. Once accepted through a school’s selection process, parents will be able to complete the student’s enrollment packet without using paper forms.

We also cater to schools that do not require an application and selection process. The SOS will allow parents to complete the annual registration packages for each student, from any electronic device, at locations with internet access.

Accurate and Organized

It is difficult to be organized when all the student forms are stacked in paper files and spreadsheets. With electronic forms, the data is stored in easy-to-use database software. The software provides easy reporting and visibility of all new and returning students. This ensures higher occupancy levels among schools as well as the accuracy of information regarding students.

For a complete list of the documents we provide, please click here!

School Lottery

For schools that use a lottery system, we partner with JR3 to ensure the process is easy and efficient. Schools simply provide a list of student candidates, and our electronic process can guarantee a completely fair, randomized lottery system!

Legal Compliance

Don’t worry! Our SOS system allows you to legally sign any business document, form or application online.

Completely Online

The  unique advantage of our SOS program is that it can be completed on any device with an internet connection!


We recognize your school is unique and so Onboarding Solutions can customize a student application process that works for you! We can offer all of our electronic forms in Spanish for native speakers.